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On-boarding Basics

Marketing NZBAI - Wednesday, March 11, 2015
One of the biggest reasons that employees underperform or leave their new roles within the first three months is because they don’t know what to do, they are unclear of expectations and the business they are joining has not integrated them in to the team culture. Ensure that the time you invest with your new employees’ results in improved employee performance, productivity and profitability by implementing an informative and helpful on-boarding programme.  ..

Can One Person Make a Difference?

Marketing NZBAI - Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The leadership challenge is essentially concerned with the extent to which a leader can influence the factors driving performance. Every day we see articles with examples suggesting leaders can make a difference to the success of businesses. So what do we mean by the term ‘leader’?

Firstly leadership and management are two terms that are often confused so what is the difference between them? Two suggested definitions are:

Good leadership is about coping with change. Leaders establish direction by developing a vision of the future; they align people by communicating the vision and inspiring them to overcome hurdles.

Good management brings about order and consistency by drawing up formal plans, designing organisation structures and monitoring results against the plans.

As management positions come with some degree of formally designated authority, a person may assume a leadership role simply because of the position s/he holds. But not all leaders are managers; nor, for that matter are all managers leaders. Just because an organisation provides its managers with certain formal rights is no assurance that they will be able to lead effectively. Often the non-sanctioned leadership is often more important than formal influence. In other words, leaders can emerge from within a group as well as by formal appointment to lead a group.

There are many theories around what leadership is and what makes a good leader. Trait theories consider personal qualities and characteristics that differentiate leaders from non-leaders and behavioural theories propose that specific behaviours make this differentiation. Styles of leadership and their effectiveness have also been widely studied. An employee-orientated leader emphasises interpersonal relations, taking a personal interest in the needs of employees and accepting individual differences among them. A production-orientated leader emphasises technical or task aspects of the job. A leader who values experimentation, seeks new ideas and generates and implements change is a development-orientated leader. While these theories have identified consistent relationships between leadership behaviour and group performance they have not to a large degree considered the situational aspects that influence success or failure.  These aspects have been looked at in seeking to identify the contingency factors affecting leadership effectiveness.

Taking all this into account how do we ensure we have effective leaders in our businesses to establish strategic direction by developing a vision of the future; aligning people by communicating the vision and inspiring them to overcome hurdles to improve overall organisation performance?

Organisations spend billions of dollars on leadership training every year. So what are the benefits?:

  • Improve productivity and performance
  • Increase interpersonal effectiveness
  • Create greater leadership capability
  • Results in better business performance
  • Improve teamwork
  • Enhance customer service
  • Increase job satisfaction

Key traits identified as important for effective leadership are extraversion, conscientiousness, openness to experience, agreeableness and emotional stability.  However recent studies are showing that emotional intelligence (EI) is another trait indicating effective leadership. People with high emotional intelligence (EI) tend to be more transformational in their leadership style, have better negotiation skills, higher stress tolerance and less absenteeism. Emotional intelligence focuses on a person’s capability to effectively manage their own and others’ emotions. Unlike personality and IQ, which are generally regarded as fixed throughout a person’s life, emotional intelligence can be learned and developed. Business leaders who are better able to understand and control their emotions are likely to achieve greater workplace performance, results and success – positive effects that will impact on their business, their lives and the lives of those that work within the business.

Organisations send managers to a wide range of leadership training activities, including formal MBA programmes, leadership seminars, weekend retreats and adventure-type courses. They appoint mentors and ‘fast-track’ high-potential individuals so they can gain a variety of the ‘right kinds of experience. All this training assumes an organisation knows what leadership is and that individuals can be trained to do it. Here in lies a keystone of leadership training. Before sending an individual off on ‘leadership training’ ensure the employee has the potential, capability and traits that align with the type of leadership the organisation identifies as necessary to move its business forward and be future-proofed for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

There are a number of tools such as 360 degree feedback questionnaire that can be used to gain the necessary information to make these decisions and identify the key leadership traits and styles the organisation has identified as key to business success, and the employees that display the required behaviours.

Businesses must be cognisant of the fact that while it is easy to teach individuals ‘about’ leadership it is something quite different to teach people ‘how’ to actually lead. Things an organisation should consider are the degree to which personality is a critical element in leadership effectiveness, that individuals may not be able to substantially alter their basic leadership style and even given a perfect match in both these areas it is nearly impossible for any normal human being to assimilate all the variables and be capable of enacting the right behaviours in every situation. When choosing leadership training businesses need to ensure these factors are taken into account to ensure their training dollar is well spent i.e. have they selected the right employees to attend and have they selected the right training provider or course/programme. While the outcome may not produce ‘perfect leaders’ it most definitely will produce ‘better’ leaders.


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View Profile Amie Lorenzen Amie Lorenzen More information coming soon

View Profile Anastasia Bennett Go Figure 2005 Limited Anastasia joined GoFi8ure in July 2012 after leaving Inland Revenue Department where she worked as Member of Combined Compliance Activity Team. She has five years experience in bookkeeping, and also has experience in accounts management, customer service and administrative work. Anastasia was awarded a Certificate in Accounting from the Gilligan Business School. In 2012 she earned her Bookkeeping Certification with New Zealand Bookeepers Association Inc and achieved certification as a Xero Advisor. Anastasia is currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at Massey University, studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting. She is efficient with Xero, MYOB, Quantum,Quickbooks & cloud based applications. Anastasia is an extremely motivated and enthusiastic person whilst still being meticulous about the quality of service she provides and result driven, she is very speedy and smart and emulates our efficient & effective brand promise. Anastasia has previously run her own business and for this reason understands the importance of doing the job right, the first time.

View Profile Angela Knight Ezebiz Accountants Limited Angela Knight.. Chartered Management Accountant, Qualified since 1991. History includes Business Analysis/Management Accounting roles in the UK for British Gas, British Airways, Bankers Trust, Serious Fraud Office and Courage.. Since emigrating to New Zealand in 2000, the joint owner of a small boutique Accountancy practice / Tax Agency in sunny Whakatane. Specialising in Xero and Profit Optimiser. Xero Certified since 2012. My aim is for Business Owners to look forward, not back!

View Profile Anja O'Connor Mighty Efficient Limited Being in business should be fun. If the paperwork takes the fun out of it for you, it's time to get your bookkeeping onto Xero. Mighty Efficient can show you how to use it properly. Simple and individualised sessions tailored to your needs and capabilities. You'll end up loving it, some even find it sexy and addictive...

View Profile Belinda James North Canterbury Business Services Ltd Helping local businesses do better Our business was established primarily to take away all those tasks you love to hate - the back office paperwork. Getting help to free up time from the chores makes good business sense. This leaves you free to concentrate on growing your business. Our services include: - Bookkeeping (MYOB & Xero) - Virtual Human Resources Bureau - GST returns - Business Process Management - Payroll/PAYE - Business Strategy & Structure - Invoicing/Credit Management - Reporting - Document Creation & Management We have over 75 years combined expertise. We can provide efficient, cost effective solutions to meet your businesses needs.

View Profile Brian Hunt B W Hunt Accounting More information to follow .................................................................................................................................

View Profile Bronwyn Dinniss Cloud Keepers Limited Bronwyn is a non-stereotypical Charted Accountant who has worked in public practice for 10 years and is a Xero genius! Cloud Keepers specialises in accounting software system reviews, Xero and Add on implementations and training, with particular expertise in the creative and not for profit industries. We also offer all the usual accountant stuff like record keeping, GST, Income tax, ACC levies etc. But you can also expect us to be a wealth of knowledge and more importantly support while you are self-employed. We can assist with cashflow and tax forecasting, goal setting, KPI development and so much more. Think of me a bit like a mentor and cheerleader as well as being there to clean up along behind you if need be.

View Profile Bronwyn Kerr Synergy In Business The Business of Books Synergy in Business has been providing small business accounting solutions since 1999 in the Central Otago and Southern Lakes District. Working with many PC based systems including Quickbooks, MYOB, Cash Manager and Moneyworks. Now adding to our services icloud based accounting applications primarily Xero and associated add-ons WorkFloMax Job Costing , Vend Point of Sale and Ipayroll and IMS payroll solutions. Training and support of both individuals and teams are an important part of the whole package we offer. Underlying this a wide base of experience with many other accounting systems and software, both at a working and training level. As a certified trainer in Xero, Work Flow Max, Vend, Quickbooks and experience in other systems we can ensure you get the system and set up you need to run your business to its potential. We offer installation, training, support packages and consultation. Please contact us for further information and a free consultation. Books, GST, PAYE and Payroll Services We can provide a service more suitable to an owner / operated situation. If you have neither the time nor inclination to do your books or payroll. Yet want the ability to log in from anywhere and view management reports. All work is completed behind the scenes and you only pay for what you need. No need to employ someone for set hours, as much or as little as you need. With key information and reports at your fingertips so you can concentrate on what you do best. Please contact us for an initial meeting and consultation. Our goal is to provide simple systems to enable you to run your business effectively….. Synergy in Business Director; Bronwyn Kerr Over the years working with and within accountancy firms Bronwyn brings a huge deal of experience in setting up and providing practical accounting systems for all manner of businesses. My strengths are simplifying business processes and customising systems for your outcomes. As a certified trainer for fourteen years with Quicken & Quickbooks, and four years with Xero and more recently with Work Flow Max job time management and cloud solutions.

View Profile Bronwyn Pilkinton Ezebiz Accountants Limited Registered tax agent and member of the Accountants & Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand, a Certified member of the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association and Certified Xero Advisor. Helping business owners look forward rather than back.

View Profile Caren Squire Buffalo Beach Bookkeeping Service As bookkeeper to a wide variety of local businesses, I love the diversity that my work offers me. No two days are the same, and the people that I come into contact with in the course of my work are as varied and interesting as their businesses. I am proud to be both a certified Xero advisor, and a Certified Bookkeeper with the NZBAI, and my work ranges from setting new Xero organisations up and training users, general bookkeeping (in Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks or whichever package a client prefers), office administration, Payroll, statutory returns, through to reconciliation and preparation of Year End papers for Accountants. Most of my clients are continuing clients, but I am also happy to take on one-off projects.

View Profile Carla Jehle Business Care Centre The “Business Care Centre” in Atamai Village, provides affordable, professional business care services in the Motueka area. The vision is to support and strengthen a sustainable, healthy, fair and adaptable local economy. Carla has been involved in various aspects of business throughout her life. She grew up in Germany as a shoemaker’s daughter. The family operated a small local shoe retail and repair business. Carla’s love for numbers lead her to pursue and complete a Business Administration apprenticeship in the air travel industry. Her experience ranges from Human Resource management in the corporate sector, administration and consulting for social enterprises, primary-age teaching in a rural setting to treasurer for non-profit organisations. Keeping your financials up to date and in good order is her second nature. It applies for any kind of organisation. With a strong focus on detail and deadlines Carla has risen through the ranks to be a mobile administrator and bookkeeper, servicing several businesses in the Motueka-Tasman area. Her skills and expertise can be tailored to fit your unique accounts and business needs. Carla has worked with various accounting systems including Xero, Banklink and payroll systems. “Sound Choice” provides the full range of bookkeeping, taxation, payroll, management reporting and accounts preparation required by small to medium size businesses. Carla does your GST, PAYE, Accounts Payable and Receivable, monthly data entry and data manipulation. Templates and systems can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements more efficiently. She can also help you with tracking inventory, budgeting and cash-flow as well as administrative and some secretarial tasks. Carla brings to your enterprise her business knowledge, determination and hardworking attitude as well as cooperation and kindness. She is happy to do ‘one-off’ work, a few hours a month, or a few hours a week – whatever suits you. Please contact her for a free consultation to assess how she can support you to achieve your business goals.  

View Profile Carla Schneebeli Carla Schneebeli More information to follow ...

View Profile Carol Hawksworth Accounting Essentials Carol has been employed in the bookkeeping, accounting and payroll field since 2002, working with a variety of businesses across different industries. She worked from 2002 to 2008 for Chartered Accountant firms, and since then has worked with her business partner in their own accounting & payroll software consulting business, Accounting Essentials Ltd. Carol’s main emphasis during this time has been to train and support clients so they can do their own bookkeeping using appropriate software. However she is also available if you require someone to do the bookkeeping for you, whether that is for a few hours a month, a few hours a week, or as a short-term stand-in to get you past a staff shortage for whatever reason. Carol can enter your invoices, bills, receipts and payments, reconcile your bank accounts, prepare and file GST Returns, and print out the reports you need to see how your business is doing, and help prepare the records/reports/backups your accountant will want for year end. She can also help with budgets and cashflow forecasts. Carol can also process your payroll and file your PAYE returns. Apart from being a NZBAI certified member, Carol is also • an MYOB Certified Consultant including MYOB Payroll and MYOB EXO Payroll, • a Reckon Accredited Consultant (was Quickbooks), • an Accredo Qualified Support Person, • has experience with Accomplish Cash Manager, Banklink and Ace Payroll, • and is also able to pick up other accounting and payroll software quickly.

View Profile Carolyn Ashton Busy Bee Bookkeeping Services Busy Bee Bookkeeping Services keeps your books hassle free. We offer a full range of Bookkeeping and Administration Services, leaving you with time to concentrate on what you do best – running your business. We can do as much or as little as you require and can put together a personalised package to suit your needs, whatever they may be. We are experienced in the use of many different accounting packages including Xero, MYOB and Quick Books to name a few. Your accountants can receive up to date, organised information, making it quicker and easier for them and therefore cheaper for you. With over 25 years’ experience, our focus is to manage your bookkeeping and administration with professionalism. We put your business first.

View Profile Carrie Brown Carrie Brown More info to follow ...

View Profile Catherine Nightingale Philomel Bookkeeping & Administrative Ltd Philomel meets your numbers. We strive to provide accounts service, to work for you and make a difference, so you can have more time running business day to day.

View Profile Charmaine Day BoostNest Bookkeeping Limited Providing businesses with financial certainty, and a no-surprises approach to bookkeeping is the essence of BoostNest. We are a Wellington based accounting support business dedicated to assisting businesses with their accounting requirements to one of the highest standards in the industry. We provide a range of services from basic bookkeeping to tax planning and Year End Financials. We are the one-stop shop for business who need accounting support and a chartered accountant on their team. With over 35 years experience across our team, our mission is to be the catalyst in changing the way you look at your business, so that more effective decisions can be made in the present, while future proofing your businesses with ongoing planning, goal setting and advisory.

View Profile Christine Bellringer Christine Bellringer More information to follow ...

View Profile Christine Oldham Christine Oldham More information to follow ...

View Profile Claudia Krischer Profit or Loss Ltd Helping you with your administration and accounts so that you can focus on your business! Being a Xero Partner, Profit Or Loss Ltd. provides Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for individuals and small to medium sized companies. Claudia has over 20 years experience in Accounting and Business Consulting for various business sectors like hospitality, IT, farming and manufacturing. We can do anything from tidying up a “messy box” of receipts to doing your annual accounts, payroll and tax returns and could even work with you on your cash flow planning or reporting needs. We are interested in your business and charge reasonable rates for quality work.

View Profile Colleen King aboutBusiness All businesses are different and we understand this. We talk in a language you can understand and we structure our services to suit you. If you need bread and butter bookkeeping services to handle the overflow, or to get the invoices entered and the accounts reconciled, we can do that. If you want the full dinner service with financial and management reviews, we can do that as well. Colleen is also a business software and systems consultant providing customized setups of business management solutions for: operations management, financial management, human resources and payroll management, jobs, manufacturing and service management. Visit our web site: www.aboutbusiness.co.nz or, call Colleen on 03-359 4231

View Profile Colleen Seguin Colleen Seguinq More information to follow ...

View Profile Craig Hibbert Bookworks Limited Bookkeeping doesn’t need to be confusing, expensive, or put in the 'too hard' basket. At Bookworks we believe in one simple philosophy: Helping you make sense of your books. With accurate and timely financial information at hand, the management of your business will be more efficient and secure, and important decisions can be made with confidence. You will receive help from our experts every step of the way to solve problems, utilise accounting software, and understand the financial information available to you at just the touch of a button. At Bookworks we also believe in value for money, so we offer a free initial consultation. We’ll sit down with you, and together work out what you need. Typical services we provide are: •Accounting software ‘health checks’ •Training and support for accounting packages •GST filing •Cashflow and budgeting •Profit and Loss analysis. We work with and are certified to use a variety of accounting software packages: MYOB, Xero, Reckon (QuickBooks) and MoneyWorks. Each one has its own unique benefits. And if you’re looking for a system that fits your needs, our experience will help you choose which package is right for you. Are you ready to discover the profits hidden in your accounting software, and make it work for you? Contact us today!

View Profile Debbie Fawcett Blenheim Bookkeeping & Clerical Do you love what you do but hate the paperwork? Do you find the ever-increasing business compliance daunting? Blenheim Bookkeeping & Clerical is proud to offer flexible, friendly and affordable bookkeeping, payroll and general administration services to clients throughout Marlborough and beyond. Debbie loves to work with small business owners to achieve sustainable administration systems and compliance in all aspects of their business so that they can have peace of mind and a clear head to focus on what they do best. We work with you to ensure your business has robust systems in place in all areas from GST/Payroll compliance to staff matters and Health and Safety policy - and everything in between. Debbie also has many years’ experience in managing Board meetings and associated administration. With fully trained and experienced staff, Blenheim Bookkeeping & Clerical can help you to see your business clearly.

View Profile Dee Workman Keep It Simple Solutions I have an accounting background in Australia and returned to New Zealand in 2006 when I decided I needed to be out there assisting businesses with their Accounting Software, be it training, consulting or bookkeeping. I am a certified consultant with MYOB, accredited with Reckon Accounts and a Xero Certified Adviser. My services include sales, consultancy, training, small business setups, conversions, bookkeeping services, GST preparation and payroll services.

View Profile Denyse Goodall Logistics on Line Logistics on Line is an accounting and bookkeeping service firm which provides the full range of bookkeeping, taxation and management reporting required by small to medium size firms. Denyse has 30 years experience in the accounting, auditing and taxation fields. She has spent 15 years of this working at all levels of the wine industry, developing templates to simplify the various calculations of interest to this sector. The firm also offers a virtual logistics service to smaller companies who may not necessarily hire a dedicated person to handle the export orders, from ensuring that all stock is labelled and ready for despatch, to tracking inventory and its value and ensuring that all export documentation is correctly prepared on a timely basis. Denyse is a Certified Xero Partner and is currently completing certification with Reckon. However Denyse has used most accounting and payroll systems and can easily learn any new systems. Please contact us for a free consultation to assess how we can help you meet your financial information needs.

View Profile Derrick P. Storey Derrick P. Storey & Associates We are the “Fence at the Top of the Cliff”. With over 34 years experience in Bookkeeping, Accounting and Taxation we are well equipped to manage all of your Bookkeeping needs on a day-to-day basis as well as being able to advise you on the wider financial aspects of your business. With a high degree of professionalism coupled with developing a good relationship with customers and suppliers, we put your business first. We can offer you a fixed monthly fee to incorporate the services that you require for all your Bookkeeping needs. As well as being certified members of NZBAI, ATAINZI, we are also a certified Xero Partner; an IRD approved Tax Agent, carry Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance. We have helped many people get back on track with their bookkeeping and Inland Revenue issues and we welcome you to contact us for a free consultation. So you don’t need an “Ambulance at the Bottom of the Cliff”.

View Profile Diane Crawford-Errington Ontrack Bookkeeping Ltd I have more than 20 years’ experience in a range of roles, including that of an accounting technician for an accounting firm and a large corporate business. I have also been involved in the bookkeeping side of many small businesses over the years. This has given me the skills required to effectively assist businesses with their bookkeeping requirements, as I have the unique understanding of what is required from an accounting perspective, and also what is practical and efficient from a business perspective. We are a listed PAYE intermediary provider. Our bookkeeping services are suitable for businesses in any industry. We offer daily, weekly and monthly services customised to our clients individual needs.

View Profile Diane Illingworth Diane Illingworth More information to follow ...

View Profile Dolly Gorasia Life-N-Loans More information to follow ....

View Profile Ernest Raina Rainest Limited Are you finding the bookkeeping & accounting data processing becoming tedious or complicated and struggling to complete your GST returns on time? Please contact us without delay or refer to our website. We provide a mobile bookkeeping service for business owners whom have not yet moved to a cloud based system. On the other hand, if you are already in the cloud, we are Xero and MYOB certified consultants.

View Profile Frank Watson Accounting Info Ltd Frank is the founding director of Accounting Info Ltd - a boutique bookkeeping service giving you the Info you need to succeed. Being a certified member of NZBAI and Xero Certified Partner assures you of professional standards of work. Small businesses and sole traders are our focus. A quantity surveying background makes builders and trades our speciality. Let us solve your bookkeeping and tax headaches and also help you save money.

View Profile Gabby Simpson Go Figure 2005 Limited Gabby brings to GoFi8ure her business knowledge, her management skills , absolute determination and hardworking attitude. Her extensive experience covers the areas of retail, marketing, management and training. Gabby has enjoyed helping clients and customers for over 10 years. She has been involved with helping many different businesses and organisations as they start up and grow . She really understands what is absolutely crucial for business success in those first few years. One of the main things that businesses need when starting out is an accounting system and structure. Finances are the cogs that keep the machine working. This is why Gabby really understands what GoFi8ure is about and shouts it from the roof tops. She thrives on educating and providing high quality services to business owners in order to help ease the load of managing their business; allowing them to work ON their business not IN it. If you would like to speak with Gabby about your business she would love to hear from you.

View Profile Gina Dittmer Go Figure 2005 Limited Gina joined GoFi8ure in February 2009. Whilst working at GoFi8ure Gina studied for a Bachelor in Business Studies with an Accounting major, which she achieved in 2014. With a strong focus on detail and deadlines Gina has risen through the ranks, servicing the prestigious boutique SME’s in Wellington. Gina loves working at client sites and is also the Associate Director at GoFi8ure. Gina's attitude to business and high quality service are top notch and we’re pleased to be able to recognise Gina for her efforts. Gina is a mentor to our GoFi8urines delivering our brand promise to internal & external clients. Gina is not only Xero certified but also has experience in Affinity, MYOB, Quantum, Money Works and Real Estate Manager – believe us, no client is too tough for this mobile! By having someone like Gina as your part time Financial Controller you can rest assured that your accounts are up to date and working for you – not against you.

View Profile Gina Towl Multitaskers Bookkeeping and Administration Services Being your own boss can be great; working your own hours, doing what you love and what you’re good at. But there are downsides too, like ‘doing the paperwork’. Multitaskers Bookkeeping and Administration Services can help you with that. We are a cost effective, mobile bookkeeping and administration service. We can work at your place, at ours, or even online. We are happy to do one off work, a few hours a month, or a few hours a week – whatever suits you. Let us help you by doing what we’re good at, so you can get on with what you’re good at.

View Profile Glennis Stuckey Katalyst Office Management We provide outsourced office management that saves your business time and money. We love to do the things that most business owners don't. Katalyst can provide a full office management package or tailor services to suit your needs. No office is too messy or too tidy. We can set-up or update your accounting and payroll systems to more modern programs like Xero. If you are already using Xero, but haven't yet had a Xero Honeymoon, we can get it working right for you. We can work onsite, but prefer to save you money by working off-site using our own computers and equipment saving you space, hardware and furniture costs. By doing what we do well, you'll be free to spend your time doing what you enjoy in your business or personal life. Contact us to find out how we can help you and your business.

View Profile Go Figure 2005 Limited Go Figure 2005 Limited It’s no mystery that creating a successful business takes time! That’s why here at GoFi8ure we’re bookkeepers and accountants in the business of giving you more time, helping you to stimulate the growth of both your business and your passion. We do this by offering you efficient, accurate and mobile accountancy administration, bookkeeping and accounts management services – giving you the opportunity to grab your success with both hands! With a unique company culture that rewards personality and drive, you’ll soon find that we give you bookkeeping and accounting services with a twist. We get a kick out of helping you because that’s what we are passionate about – helping small businesses crack the whip on their success. GoFi8ure are nationwide - offering top quality bookkeeping services in Dunedin, Auckland and Wellington. Accountancy experience + smarts + personality = GoFi8ure

View Profile Heather Birch Your Money Matters When I decided to start my own bookkeeping business I knew I wanted to base the Company on my core values of providing clients with exceptional, accurate and friendly service and support. I believe that, no matter what type of industry you work in, providing excellent client service is a must Your Money Matters Business Services specialise in small business bookkeeping, servicing the Lower central North Island. We offer a bookkeeping service to suit the requirements of your business. These are a few of the more popular tasks: ·Cash book reconciliation ·Accounts receivable/payable ·Cash Flow analysis ·Charter of Accounts/General Ledger set up and maintenance ·Financial statements ·Accountant Liaison and report preparation ·Inland Revenue - Preparation of GST and PAYE returns and payment and filing

View Profile Helen Fox First Class Accounts More information to follow ...

View Profile Helene Smith First Division Bookkeeping First Division Bookkeeping specialises in bookkeeping and administration services for Contractors, self-employed and small businesses in the Christchurch and North Canterbury region. With over 25 years experience in all aspects of office management, administration and bookkeeping services, Helene has gained extensive experience with many accounting software programmes including MYOB and Xero Keeping on top of your bookwork helps you keep track of your business performance. With an experienced bookkeeper you can be assured everything is up to date and each month you will receive financial reports to keep you well informed. Helene will provide your Accountant with accurate, up to date and organized information, making it easier for them and therefore cheaper for you in the long run.

View Profile Ivana Dryland Account Wise At Account Wise we are a Xero Certified Advisor along with being a registered tax agent with extensive experience in accounts and can seamlessly manage numerous book-keeping systems. We are well versed in the use of numerous accounting packages including Xero, MYOB and Quick Books to name a few. Account Wise can supply you with the complete package, from book-keeping, annual financials, filing taxes and more. Whether it’s a large or small contract Account Wise can get any job done in a cost effective manner. You can depend on it. We also provide a service for company formation. If you want to start fresh and require a solid foundation established from word go, then you need us. Account Wise - We have it sorted

View Profile Jacqui de la Cour Day 2 Day Accounting At Day 2 Day Accounting we specialise in creating customised solutions for your business administration needs. I have been involved in business administration for the past 15 years and have a passion for getting clients’ accounts sorted. Having been a business owner for the past 6 years (in different industries) and worked closely with other businesses owners I understand how busy it is being your own boss and how getting some assistance can ease the burden.

View Profile Jacqui Ridsdale Accounts on Call Limited With over 25 years’ experience in bookkeeping and accounting covering a wide range of industry types using various accounting packages, Jacqui enjoys working alongside business owners and their staff to create a more effective administrative and accounting process. The needs of the Accounts on Call customers are of utmost importance and it is for this reason that Jacqui and the Accounts on Call team strive to meet those deadlines set by the client while maintaining a high level of accuracy and efficiency.

View Profile Jamie Nicholas Go Figure 2005 Ltd Jamie joined the team at GoFi8ure in 2009 after graduating from Victoria University with a double degree in Commerce and Science. Jamie majored in a wide range of subjects including Accounting, Commercial Law and Chemistry which gave him a good grounding to understand the many different business types that GoFi8ure provides services for. Jamie was appointed one of the Wellington Directors in 2014 in recognition of his high work quality, ethics and love for the business. While continuing to provide excellent accounting and bookkeeping services to all his clients, Jamie is also the Xero Certified Training Manager in Wellington. Jamie loves teaching both existing and new clients and seeing them learn and grow so that they can better achieve their business goals. While not only limited to Xero, Jamie also has a wide knowledge of most major accounting packages from, MYOB, Quickbooks, Money Works, Cash Manager and will do anything to deliver exceptional accounts or train someone so that they can do so themselves. Jamie is a mentor to our GoFi8urines and makes sure they are up skilled so they can deliver our brand promise to our clients. Jamie is available to help you learn from the best! He brings both a new dimension and valuable business expertise to the GoFi8ure team. If you want to be great in Xero – Jamie is the person to teach you!

View Profile Janet Matthews Count On Me Ltd I have recently established a small bookkeeping service in Takapuna to work on a contract basis for small to medium-sized local businesses. My recent contracts have included Architects, a Home-staging company, furniture retailer, advertising agency, web designers, graphic design and trade services. I have twenty years of bookkeeping and administration experience on a variety of accounting software packages, currently specializing in Xero and MYOB (desktop and online). If you are looking to outsource the day-to-day book-keeping needs in your company I can work for you either from your office or mine - so you can focus on what you do best. If you have been considering making the change from your accounting software package to an online system I can help you get up and running. Then I can continue to help you as required - a little or a lot! I would love to come and discuss any areas I may be able to help you with your accounts so that you can concentrate on what you do best! Please feel free to contact me any time.

View Profile Janice Hughes Janice Hughes I am passionate about helping your business succeed and want to take the hassle out of the day to day running of your payroll and office. I offer value for money and outstanding support services for your business, whether you need a little help or a lot, I can tailor a package specific to your requirements. My services include; setup, conversion and training of accounting and payroll systems, ensuring your accounts receivable and accounts payable are kept up to date, bank reconciliations, month-end processing , PAYE and GST returns, profit & loss and cashflow reporting anywhere, anytime, your office or mine. Let me help take care of the paper war while you focus on your core business and do what you do best! I am a Certified Xero Advisor, Flexitime Partner and a member of the New Zealand Bookkeepers Assn

View Profile Jaskaran Singh Sahani Jaskaran Singh Sahani From January 2010 to November 2010 I was employed with Chansons motors Pvt. Ltd as Assistant Accounts officer and from December 2010 to June 2011 I was working with IBM as Customer Relations officer. I also worked as Transport Communication Ambassador with People Max Auckland for 2 years from August 2011- September 2013. Currently I am working as Administration Coordinator at Layaway Depot Ltd Auckland .This is basically Accounting backup support job. I am looking for Accounting related work on contract basis at the week end. I have following academic qualification to my credit •Graduate Diploma in Business (Accounts) from AUT Auckland December 12/ January 2013. •Graduate in Commerce from Punjab University Chandigarh India •Certified Member of New Zealand Bookkeepers Association •Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Insurance from Institute of Banking& Finance /NIIT India •National Stock Exchange of India certification course in Mutual Funds

View Profile Jill Fryer A&F Services Hi I’m Jill, a book-keeping and accounts professional with more than 30 years’ experience. Whether you only need me during the busy end of financial year period, need assistance with GST returns or the monthly accounts, or want to completely offload your bookkeeping for a few hours each week, I’d love to help you. I am a NZBAI certified member, Xero partner and an IMS Payroll partner, and I’m also well-versed in QuickBooks, MYOB and other accounting programmes. Being a mobile business, I can work on your ‘in house’ software systems, or from my home office using Xero, QuickBooks and IMS Payroll. I am affordable, reliable and – most of all - passionate about making small business owner’s lives easier.

View Profile Jody Thomas Thomas Bookkeeping Thomas Bookkeeping specialises in assisting small to medium businesses and sole traders with their administration and bookkeeping needs. Based in Rolleston we provide a friendly and approachable service attending to the day to day administration and bookkeeping tasks of your business, leaving you to focus on growing your business.

View Profile John McDonald Kaikoura Financial Services Ltd John McDonald has been operating in Kaikoura since 2005, providing support to a wide range of small businesses. He was previously in the banking industry for 19 years followed by 12 years in the accommodation industry in Kaikoura. Services include set up and monitoring of Xero accounting software, GST & PAYE returns, annual tax returns, budgets and business support.

View Profile John Webb John Webb Since 1982 I have owned several small businesses involving the motor industry, financial services , grocery and hospitality sectors. Being self employed means that for the majority of time you are on your own, through many decision making processes and if you did ask a “professional” opinion, then you got a hefty bill from the “professional” for your trouble Therefore, I am offering myself as a freelance temp, to help with any business admin issues. Whether that be for an hour, a day, a week or whatever you require to help make your business run efficiently, without the overheads of an additional full/part time staff member. Bank statements, Data Input, Debtors ,Creditors, GST Returns, PAYE, Systems, meaningful understandable reports, Trial Balance or just general admin, together we can find out what works for you. My passion is to help small businesses succeed in their field, which can be achieved by analyzing the numbers, looking at the trends and making informed decisions accordingly I offer a free consultation where we can discuss the highs and lows of your business, formulate a plan make some realistic goals and then put that plan into action To me, cash flows are the lifeblood of your business…a simple report that shows you where you’ve just been, where you are now and where you are heading. Having your books done as a legal requirement once a year is like the proverbial shutting of the gate after the horse has bolted ! I am a certified member of the NZ Bookkeepers Association and have worked with MYOB, Quickbooks , Banklink and Xero. Whatever your system we can work with it to maximize the profitability in your business. Give me a call and lets see what transpires.

View Profile Julie East Calculated Advantage A one-stop, mobile, customisable solution to your accounting, bookkeeping and tax needs. My mission – to free you from the books so that you can get on with business. Please visit my website for full details of what I can offer you.

View Profile Julie Russell Julie Russell Bookkeeping After a time in the Travel Industry, I spent several years working in and eventually running my own pub in the south of England. But I soon found out I preferred balancing the books instead of the beer barrels, so I went for a lifestyle change and worked for a provincial Accountants for 3 years.During that time I passed the City & Guilds Bookkeeping I, II & III qualifications - the highest available in the UK. However the pull of working for myself soon returned, so I merged the love of the smell of bitter and my bookkeeping skills, and started my own business looking after other landlords accounts. Soon after, I met my husband (yet another kiwi on an extended OE) who promptly whisked me back to New Zealand, made me fall in love with the country, and we returned shortly afterwards as a family. Julie Russell Bookkeeping has been operating in and around the North Shore since 2006, and has clients ranging from one-man-bands to global firms; from Interior Designers to Theatre Companies.

View Profile Kay Castles Admin Plus Business Centre Ltd More information to follow ...

View Profile Kaye Bentley Go Figure 2005 Ltd Kaye joined the team after returning to Wellington from overseas where she worked for an international NGO as their Finance and HR Coordinator based in China and Ethiopia. Prior to going overseas she worked for one of the big five law firms, in charge of support services for each of the regional offices. She also has had experience with small businesses, helping to set up administrative systems for one such business and running a family business as a shareholder and hands-on bookkeeper for another. Early experience in a chartered accountancy practice set the basis for a life-long interest in accounting. Kaye enjoys the Financial Controller roles GoFi8ure provides its clients & her customer service skills are about constantly delivering the GoFi8ure brand promise. Kaye uses Xero, MYOB, Quantum & Workflomax to achieve the client’s goals. She is Xero certified and is a member of the NZ Bookkeepers Assn. Kaye has a BA majoring in public policy, and post-graduate diploma in HR Management. A more recent Masters in Development Studies sparked her interest in humanitarian services.

View Profile Kerryn Bell-Searle Bell Searle Bookkeeping & Taxation Bell Searle Bookkeeping & Taxation is an innovative and friendly firm based in Christchurch. We were founded in 2013 when we saw a need for a simple approach to accountancy and bookkeeping for the small to medium size businesses and sole traders. As such, We can complete your day to day bookkeeping, administration and payroll services, using Xero or MYOB, through to completing your end of year income tax returns.

View Profile Kim Hamill Your Office Administrator Did you go into business to be an administrator? We did and we love taking care of the bookkeeping... We know that most business owners didn't go into business to spend all their time trapped behind the desk doing the bookkeeping. That's why we want to make outsourcing your bookkeeping and administration tasks easy. Based in Ashburton we provide a full range of administration services; including bank reconciliation, accounts payable and receivable, GST preparation and payroll. In your office or ours we take the work out of bookwork. We’re also certified to set up and train in Xero, WorkflowMax, iPayroll, Flexitime and ACE Payroll. We can get you up and running in no time. Money back guarantee Nothing fancy; we just promise to give you your money back if you are not happy with what we do or if we make a mistake. And, if we do make a mistake, we will fix it free of charge and give you your money back.

View Profile Komal Chhiba Komal Chhiba - Small Business Accounting Support I have been working with small businesses for over 10 years and understand the challenges involved in running a business. I have learned that everyone runs their own businesses differently. Many owners are so focused on the service they provide or the product they are selling, that understanding the numbers gets pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities. Until, of course, the rent needs paying! So I have built my business on listening to what you want from yours, and then giving you a number-crunching service to match it. I offer everything from 'how-do-I?' advice, to "I really don't want to know - you do it" service. I have a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration in Accountancy (BCA) and work with Chartered Accountants as needed. I don’t talk Accountants-Speak (although I can when I have to), and I don’t charge accountants prices. My aim is to make your life easier by making sense of all those bank statements, paid and unpaid bills, GST and PAYE returns. With a bit of number crunching, I can also help you ensure your business is focussed on profitability and stays in the right direction. I can get your business finances in great shape to send to your Accountant for your end of year financial reports or help you with a short term need, such as understanding your costs and margins better or the impact of altering your products or services. Contact me today about what you need and let me help you get back to business. Suzanne from Wellington said: “Komal you are amazing, that was such a fast turn-around. Thank you - you have taken a load off my mind.”

View Profile Kym Blair Equitable Business Services Providing quality Bookkeeping Services that cater to the individual business needs. I will always maintain a high level of professionalism while liaising between the different parties involved in your business to ensure the best working relationships.

View Profile La Tisha Richards Accounts Andmore More information to follow ...

View Profile Lawrie Harnden Black Books Wairarapa Business Owners. Do you need help: * sorting out your bookkeeping? * catching up with overdue GST Returns? * clarifying who you owe money to, or worse, who owes YOU money? I can help with all this and more... I am a mobile bookkeeper and can come to you. Contact me today and between us, we'll get your work - life balance back on track...... Lawrie Harnden of Black Books - assisting Wairarapa's small businesses with their bookkeeping since 2003

View Profile Leanne Dunne DPA DPA is at the cutting edge of the accounting industry in New Zealand located in Taupo with clients nationwide. We form close partnerships with our clients enabling us to understand your unique situations and customise our services to suit your needs. If your bookwork is keeping you from focussing on the running and success of your business, you could benefit from a bookkeeper. You decide how many hours you need per week and we make it happen for you. Leanne can assist in you the following areas: · Debtors · Creditors · Bank Reconciliations · Payroll Software packages available: XERO, MYOB, MYOB Payroll, IMS Payroll, Smart Payroll. Check out our website for a full description of our services www.dpa.co.nz

View Profile Liann Leyland Go Figure 2005 Limited - Hutt Valley Liann is an experienced IT professional with over 10 years’ experience in New Zealand, Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom. She has worked in the Banking, Insurance and Financial Services Industry. Her work experience includes designing, developing, implementing and testing software for a wide range of companies, which has seen her liaising with clients and consultants alike. Liann is a specialist in Project Management, Barcoding, Software Testing, Wholesale and Retail Product Pricing, Non Profit Organisations, Childcare Providers, Dance Schools, Budgeting, Global Retail Brands, and Software Training. Liann’s experience and qualifications in these industries has given her the ability to build relationships quickly and get the job done. She also has a sound knowledge in X ero, QuickBooks, MYOB, ZED, iPayroll, Ace Payroll, IMS Payroll, i-Lign Project Management Software, APT, WorkFlowmax, Moneyworks, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel etc.), Project Manager.com, Method 123 Liann is able to listen to the client, assess their needs and provide a solution specific to their requirements. She also loves training clients on how to effectively use their accounting software, computer technology and understand their business is of high importance.

View Profile Lili Ziegler Sign Equipment Supply I have been a bookkeeper/business administrator since 1988 and enjoy the challenge of setting up a logical bookkeeping system in small to medium sized businesses. I am currently working together with my partner in a small signwriting business but am looking at setting up my own little business administration company next year.

View Profile Lily Sha Green Accounting Services Green Accounting Services is a new sole accounting practise based in Central Auckland, specialising in bookkeeping, office administration and taxes returns for sole traders, small business owners, landlords of Investment Properties and contract accounting services. The owner, Lily Sha, has been working in accounting area for over 25 years; qualified (B. Comm and MBA) and experienced with small to large entities, over a range of trading and manufacturing industries locally and from overseas. Lily is familiar to most popular accounting software, such as MYOB accounting & payroll system, Quickbooks_Enterprises & Whoelsales, Epicor 9 ERP system, IMS Payroll, Xero, Exchequer Enterprise, Banklink, etc. Especially if you need, she can supply the accounting services in Mandarin or Cantonese. With Green Accounting Services, you will experience a personal, efficient, accurate and cost effective professional accounting service. To free you from your accounting tasks and meet your needs are my goals. The services include but not limited to: • Bookkeeping • IRD taxes returns • Monthly / Annual management accounts and financial reports preparation • Annual Income Tax Preparation and Return • Cash Flow Forecast and Budget preparation

View Profile Linda Imlach Linda Imlach More information to follow ...

View Profile Linda Klox Klox Business Solution Klox Business Solution is your Virtual Assistant. If it is training in Xero that you need, someone to look after your bookkeeping, general administration, social media and website maintenance, marketing or research work that you need to be done – give us a call today. We will tailor-fit around your business needs, within your budget, with logical and effective systems. We work from our Virtual Office or on your premises for 3 – 10 hours per week, whichever suits your business the best.

View Profile Ling Zhang ABTax Limited Your one-stop solution for Accounting Bookkeeping and Taxation services. We are affordable, reliable and honest, and commit to excellence to provide professional services to our clients at all times. We provide a full range of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and business planning and taxation services for individuals, and small to medium businesses from personal tax return through to full company accounts. We offer you a free initial meeting, so we can get to know you and understand your specific needs. We are based in Northshore and service clients all across Auckland, all over New Zealand. We are willing to go extra mile for our clients, we are available days and nights seven days a week, we are flexible and adjust meeting time and place to what suits you the best. We don’t mind visiting you at your home or offices. We also welcome you to visit our office. We utilize cloud based accounting software. Unlimited phone & email supports to keep us connected. Our mission is to save your time and money, to free your time from the books so that you can focus on what you do best to grow your business.

View Profile Lisa Martin Go Figure 2005 Limited Lisa founded GoFi8ure in 2002, recognising a need for efficient, accurate, mobile and on-site financial administration and accounts management for small businesses operating in the greater Wellington region. She did this armed with 25 years of financial and accounting experience that includes 14 years as a finance manager for an international company, as well as a Diploma of Business specialising in Management Accounting and Human Resources. Lisa shares with you her skills and experience through participating in a range of different services at any level. She can provide on-site training for financial staff, facilitate with tax compliance issues, implement and organise a system or can fully manage the financial aspects of your business - leaving you free to work on the things you love. Through Lisa’s vision and hard work, GoFi8ure continues to grow, offering increasingly comprehensive services for small businesses. Since GoFi8ure ’s inception the number of staff has steadily increased, resulting in a team with a wide variety of skills. These skills, both unique and diverse, work together with Lisa’s training and unwavering commitment to her business and clients to give you more effective financial solutions. Lisa is the Vice President for the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association Inc and enjoys teaching Bookkeeping & Xero to excited business owners hungry to learn best practice.

View Profile Louise Holmes The Red Office I'm proud to own the Red Office, your local specialist in XERO & MYOB training and bookkeeping. I have a diverse background from running African overland tours to working in London in recruitment. Both these roles were fast paced and client focussed and a great lead in to running Red Office. My goal for Red Office is to be the leading national provider for support to both clients and accountants clients for XERO & MYOB and to make small businesses bookkeeping simple and stress free.

View Profile Lynda Walters-Smith Admin Beyond Are you tearing your hair out or staying up to all hours of the night? Are you trying to keep your invoicing, accounting systems or IRD compliance work up to date but just don't have the time? Is your accounting package getting the better of you? Do you need Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) measured? Do you need systems and procedures written for your business? If you have answered YES to any of the above, then Admin & Beyond can help you! With over 25 years experience in both Chartered Accountancy firms and working with small to medium business we have the expertise to get you back on the right track. Getting what you need done ... so you can do what you do best! Call now to book an appointment. Admin, Bookkeeping, Payroll, GST, Debtors, Creditors & Much More

View Profile Lynette Maynard Chrysalis Administration 25+ years of experience and a smile! :) Providing services in all aspects of OFFICE MANAGEMENT, ADMINISTRATION, PA and BOOKKEEPING. I am XERO Certified with previous experience in a number of other accounting software programmes. Please don't hesitate to contact me for help at any level. I am happy to train, support, do the work for you or simply discuss and guide you as you set up your business.

View Profile Lynne Jacobsen Office Accounting Services More information to follow ...

View Profile Maggie Curtis Business Resource Group Maggie Curtis is a partner in Business Resource Group, a team of experienced Accredited Consultants that works with businesses in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato offering Accounting, Payroll, Administration, Bookkeeping and Training Solutions. Maggie’s high level of service was recognised by Business Resource Group’s professional partners, with the prestigious award of QuickBooks Accredited Consultant of the Year 2012. As Accredited & Certified consultants for QuickBooks, Reckon, MYOB & IMS Accounting & Payroll Software, our aim is to provide you with solutions & services that best suit your business. Give us a call to find out how we can help your business. Our Services include; -Reckon Accounts (formerly QuickBooks) Software Installation and Setup -Reckon Accounts (formerly QuickBooks) Payroll Setup, training and processing -POS Systems (Point of Sale) -Accredited Training Provider and Product Support -Group Training Sessions -Accounting & Payroll Software End-User Training Courses -On-site Training -Accounting, Payroll, Bookkeeping and Administration Services and Solutions -Management Accounts and Reporting -Board Reporting -Consulting -Office, Documentation, Administration, Bookkeeping and System Reviews

View Profile Maria Mullane Aspire Solutions My background is in the hands on implementation and improvement of many different accounting, payroll and point of sale software systems. My aim is to empower people, and to remove the fear around accounting and other financial systems. In particular I find myself being drawn more and more into the role of advocate on behalf of my clients when dealing with their accountants, banks and other stakeholders. I have 17 years experience in hands on accounting processes, with stock control and business process improvements being 2 key areas of specialty. Since starting Aspire Solutions in 2005 I have worked with over 1000 different businesses and individuals; businesses of all sizes, across a multitude of industries. Aside from my passion for business, on a more personal level I enjoy fundraising and advocating for charitable causes. I have been active in the Cochlear Implant community in Wellington, fundraising for cochlear implants in babies, and lobbying parliament to bring about change in their funding policies.

View Profile Mary Moore accounts2u Mary Moore is the founder and director of accounts2u. She has a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and IT and has worked in businesses of all shapes and sizes for over 25 years in the areas of accounting, administration, project management, retail banking and marketing. Our goal at accounts2u is to help you grow your business by looking after the routine accounts work; giving you more time to focus on your business. We also work with you to ensure you have the information you need to better understand your business’ finances. We can process your invoices, reconcile your bank accounts and file GST. We can also look after your payroll and file your PAYE returns. As we work exclusively with Xero and online payroll software, we can work remotely or come to your office – the choice is yours. And we understand how important it is that you know how much our services will cost, so we offer fixed monthly fees which include free Xero subscription. And finally….if you’ve heard how easy it is “do it yourself” using Xero, we can setup and convert your accounts from your existing software and provide training and support for you or your Office Manager.

View Profile Mary Prestidge Freelance Bookkeeping Mary has 20 years’ experience in running small business, 7 years working in a Chartered Accountants office. Experience in both Retail & Office Management. Areas of Expertise: Small to medium Business. Farming, Contractors, Rental Properties.

View Profile Melanie Morris Bookkeeping and Beyond Bookkeeping and Beyond is a successful Bookkeeping and Virtual Office Practice. Xero Gold Partner, Xero knowledge award winner, nominee for Xero Bookkeeper of the Year 2012. Bookkeeping and Beyond provide bookkeeping and virtual office solutions for people with better things to do. 100% Xero. Do beautiful business, sign up to Xero through Bookkeeping and Beyond. GST and Payroll experts. Certified Members of the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association (NZBAI) we collaborate with your Accountant.

View Profile Michele Clemens Clementines Business Support Michele has been working in, and with a wide variety of businesses over the past 20 years. Michele loves to improve businesses with a light touch and realistic approach. Michele's roles over the years from Office Junior, Bookkeeper, Office / Customer Services Manager, Financial Controller and now business owner means she has a great understanding of how best to run the accounting and financial part of your business. Enhancing the value of your business is always at the front of Michele’s mind.

View Profile Michelle Fleming Cashbook Chaos Solutions Michelle Fleming is a fully certified Bookkeeping member. Michelle has over 20 years in the business sector from being a Business Owner to working in the cold front of Inland Revenue. She is passionate about business no matter what size, you and your business is really what matters to Michelle. Your Confidentiality is of a huge importance to Michelle and will take every measure to keep this. Keeping things simply simple – talking in your terms of understanding Finding solutions that suit your individual situation – are you someone that just sticks everything in a box and hands it over or tech savvy and just need a little assistance, Michelle is happy to help. Michelle can complete your paper work and you can then concentrate on what you do best eg Building, hairdressing, knitting, painting etc Financial - Cashflows forecast, loan applications GST – applications, preparations and filing PAYE – payroll, returns Income tax – completing simple returns and preparing complex returns for your accountants to review Administration – Need a break Michelle can come in take over for a few hours or few days what every will suit you. Personal profile “I am an enthusiastic, positive person who has a passion for providing top quality service and going the extra mile for the customer. I am adaptable to business needs especially in the current changing business environment. I thrive on getting results and always challenging myself with new goals"

View Profile Michelle Kemp Michelle Kemp More information to follow ...

View Profile Nadine Rathjens Accounts After Hours We provide bookkeeping, payroll, credit control and administration services to small to medium sized businesses. Our speciality is Xero conversions from initial set-up or converting your data from your current accounting software. Our office provides your virtual accounts department and due to our team working in the background you are only paying for the hours that you need. So send us an email or do give us a call to arrange a short consultation to see how Accounts After Hours can be of assistance!

View Profile Naomi Starr Starr Alignment Solve your accounts paperwork, payroll and GST return problems by getting Naomi at Starr Alignment to do it for you, because it will save you money and free up your time to do what you do best. Naomi is Award winning*, Bookkeeping and Xero certified and specializes in the Entertainment and Film industry as a Production Accountant. * Won "Emerging Bookkeeper of The Year 2014" at NZBAI annual conference 1 August 2014. * Crewed on feature films that have won BAFTAs and Academy Awards. Starr Alignment Aligning your accounts...

View Profile Penny Halvorsen Admin Express Penny is a mobile bookkeeper based in Dunedin Otago she has a broad range of services to cater for the diverse needs of her clients. She will meet with them to discuss their office systems and procedures, what skill sets they have in-house and the nature of their business, she will make recommendations to ensure the business is run efficiently and transparently allowing them to operate their business while monitoring its performance. The team at Admin Express are Xero certified and cater for one-on-one or group training.

View Profile Penny Mercer LyttelSoft Located in Lyttelton Christchurch, LyttelSoft specialises in providing accounting solutions and bookkeeping services to small to medium enterprises throughout Canterbury. We also provide payroll services. Our main focus is to listen to our clients needs, assess their business processes and recommend the correct accounting solution to suit their business. With over 20 years experience in supporting and providing accounting solutions you can be rest assured that we can assist you with the best solution for your business and provide backup support on that solution. Choosing the correct solution can be daunting for any business owner, mainly because you as a business owner are specialists in your industry, but may not necessarily have the time to keep up-to-date with changes in accounting programs payroll legislation or New Zealand compliance. We at LyttelSoft make sure that we are always up to date with legislation compliance, new features and updates available in your accounting solution.

View Profile Penny Smith Penny's Worth More information to follow ...

View Profile Peter Peck The Bookminder More information to follow ...

View Profile Peter Taylor BDS BDS is an innovative chartered accountancy practice that focuses on growing your business, to become your building block to success. Building trust is critical to growing economies and nurturing dynamic new business. Our engagement is to enable you to grow your wealth, protect your asset, and provide you the ability to care about the things that matter to you. We believe that by helping New Zealand’s enterprises succeed, the public sector will perform better, and our communities will continue to grow. This is more than a goal – it is our reason for looking beyond the numbers.

View Profile Pip Langford Elite Business Services Ltd We have over 25 years experience in PA/secretarial, bookkeeping and office management both within New Zealand and overseas. We can provide services either remotely from our Christchurch office or we can come to you. We love working with new businesses, small business owners who work from home and any other small business that gets frustrated dealing with their paperwork every month. Area of expertise - Service industry, motor vehicle industry

View Profile Qionne Algra Q Plus Limited More information to follow ...

View Profile Rachel Burnnand Rachel Burnnand More information to follow ...

View Profile Rachel Margaret Atomic Droplet Ltd More information to follow ...

View Profile Rebecca Burgess Do the Sums - Bookkeeping + more "Our aim at Do the Sums - is to support these small businesses in a way that suits them, whether that be providing advice and support, setting up their accounts systems and training them to be able to complete their own accounts, or letting them hand this task over to us to complete leaving them free to work on other areas of their business."

View Profile Rochelle Devlin DAS | Devlin Admin Solutions Rochelle at Devlin Admin Solutions offers tailored bookkeeping and administrative services to suit sole traders and small businesses. Let me focus on the paperwork, so you can focus on your craft. Working to our strengths, I can help make your business more efficient and cost effective, it just makes sense!

View Profile Sam Stewart W H Books W H Books works with you to ensure you get the most out of our partnershi¬p - with no surprise bill each month! We take care of all your pesky business needs, from general bookkeepin¬g to GST Returns. We use the latest cloud-based products to ensure you have access to your data at any time, with no upgrades needed. Automatic access to transactions cuts out time and saves you money. Sam is both Xero certified and holds a BCom in Accounting and Taxation, meaning he is able to advise what is best for your business. We also charge a fixed monthly fee, meaning you don't get a nasty surprise every month when you open your bill.

View Profile Sandra Hunter Astra Accounting Services Ltd Making book-keeping simple for small businesses. Let me do your GST, PAYE, Accounts Payable and Receivable and monthly data entry, saving you time and money in the long run. I can also help you with budgeting, cash-flow and writing business plans.

View Profile Shannon Wells LEDGE Unlike other stand alone bookkeeping services, LEDGE is closely aligned with a top notch accounting firm. The key point of difference between LEDGE and other bookkeeping providers, is the bookkeepers at LEDGE have the ability to leverage off the knowledge and skills of the Chartered Accountants at Business Results Group, Te Puke. Whether you need LEDGE every week or perhaps you just need LEDGE to step in while you’re away, we can assure you the charges are very reasonable and the standard of work will be high. If you would like to learn more about LEDGE please call us on 07 573 5569 or check out our website www.ledgebookkeeping.co.nz.

View Profile Sonya Jones Jones Tax More information to follow ...

View Profile Stephanie Crawford Business Headspace I love business and I love helping business owners to be successful within their own business, whatever that definition of success is to them. Helping business owners to get it right is hugely rewarding. In my previous capacity as founder and director of a successful bookkeeping business I would often coach or mentor my clients to achieve specific business goals or to overcome particular issues within their business. With the sale of that bookkeeping business I was able to devote more time on, and focus to, that side of the business, and hence Business Headspace was born. We offer business systems consulting, monthly financial performance reviews and coaching services. That means that myself and my team can help you to create efficient systems, create useful reporting (which we can help you to interpret), to enable you to make effective business decisions. And if you then find that you need some help to achieve some goals or overcome some challenges I am able to help you with those. I am a member of IndeCoach and have completed their Business Coach Training course, and I am also an Accredited Facilitator for Team One International’s cultural change program. Additionally I am expert in and hold current certifications in MYOB, Reckon Accounts, and Xero accounting software, and was named the NZBAI 2014 Bookkeeping Trainer of the Year. With over 30 years’ experience in my own businesses and working closely with other business owners in a range of roles, I find that I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and business experience over a wide range of industries, and this experience helps me to relate to many different business owners and many different business situations. I also hold an Associate of Arts degree, with an emphasis on business, and passing with honours, from Highline College in Seattle, USA.

View Profile Steve Lowery My Office We put you back in control of your business so you can enjoy your life. myoffice is your accounts, systems and business growth partner, helping you achieve more success in business. By streamlining your accounts and systems, we free your time to focus on growing your business. We are your business support team, dedicated to your on-going growth and success.


Relationship Manager Inland Revenue New Zealand "Inland Revenue has been working closely with the newly founded NZBAI and continue to offer our support to professional associations whose members positively assist businesses with their tax compliance."

Leanne Graham Xero New Zealand "It's initiatives like this that prompted Xero to become the founding sponsor of NZBAI. We're proud get behind the NZBAI as it establishes itself, we believe in creating a profession."